28 Oct 2021 - Upcoming events and training

08.+09.11.21:                    6th Data Science Symposium, Bremen 

16.11.21  10:00-12:00:      "Women in Data Science: Prof. Julia Schnabel“

18.11.21  15:00-17:00:       MOLS: "Marine Data Visualization: Ocean Data View" by Sebastian Mieruch (AWI)

23.-27.11.21:                      MarDATA Block Course, Sylt  (MarDATA only)

30.11.21:                            HIDA Annual Conference

09.12.21  13:00-15:00:      MOLS: "Introduction to Marine Chemistry" by Boris Koch (AWI)

20.01.22 15:30-17:00:       MOLS: "Altmetrics & Science 2.0" by Isabella Peters (CAU)

24.02.22 15:00-17:00        "Women in Data Science: Prof Robin Teigland"

for more information, please get in touch with E Prigge

08 to 12 Sept 2021 - Helmholtz Herbst Hackathon

For the first time in months, young data scientists met in person (following a 2G protocol) in Gummersbach for the 1st Helmholtz Herbst Hackathon that was organized by Digital Earth, HIDA, Helmholtz AI, HDS-LEE and MarDATA.

45 participants from various HIDSS and Helmholtz Centres (including Louisa and Felix from MarDATA) brought their coding skills to the table and spent 3 days working on challenges ranging from leave counting and ion beam analysis and simulated root systems. 

08 June 2021 - VACANCIES: 9 Phd positions in Marine Data Science

The Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science (MarDATA) is looking for graduates in computer science, computer engineering, applied mathematics (and the like) to fill 9 PhD positions (full position E13, 36 month) in computer science and marine data science at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany.

In 9 predefined topics, doctoral researchers (PhD candidates) will address research questions on the interface between data science and marine science and will help to decrypt an #oceanfullofdata. For more information, please have a look at the call for applications and the individual vacancies.

10 May 2021 - We are hiring!!!

MarDATA is currently looking for doctoral researchers in Bremerhaven/Bremen at AWI. See Apply for more info!

27 Jan 2021 - 1st MarDATA Advisory Board Meeting

After 1 1/2 years of "Marine Data Science" education, an external view on our concept and training program can provide valuable impulses, thus we were really happy to welcome the MarDATA Advisory Board for a 1st meeting. Doctoral researchers, supervisors and the MarDATA Steering Board presented an overview of MarDATA science and education and were happy to answer questions by the MarDATA Advisory Board. 

Next year, we will hopefully be able to welcome the Board to Kiel 

14 Jan 2021 - We are Hiring!

MarDATA is currently looking for doctoral researchers in Bremerhaven/Bremen at AWI. See Apply for more info!

23 Oct 2020 - Next MarDATA Block Course "Advanced Scientific Programming"

We are happy to announce the next (online) MarDATA Block Course „Advanced Scientific Programming“.

We are happy to open the program to doctoral researchers (and other early career scientists) not affiliated with MarDATA  at GEOMAR and AWI. While online lectures will not be limited in participants, hands-on workshops had to be limited to a certain number of participants and require a brief application.

Please note: online lectures are open to external participants (please get in touch for infos on how to join). Hands-on workshops, however, are initially limited to colleagues at GEOMAR and AWI, but (dependent upon number of registrations) might be opened at a later time.

The block course has been designed to provide broad insights into data & information sciences approaches and methodologies. Basic computer science knowledge will be a benefit when joining.

20 Oct 2020 - 2nd round of Recruitment: the project proposals are in!

MarDATA has received a number of highly interesting project proposals at the interface between Marine Science and Data & Information Science for the second round of recruitment at AWI. Submitted proposals will now be evaluated according to the MarDATA regulations.

Stay tuned for our call for applications!

30 Sept 2020 - 1st Steps towards the second round of recruitment at AWI (Bremen/Bremerhaven)

MarDATA has started to prepare the second round of recruitment at AWI (Bremen/Bremerhaven). We are currently looking for MarDATA project proposals that will be the basis for an international call for applications in early 2021. 

Please note: Submitting a project proposal is only possible if you are a professor at AWI or the cooperating partner universities in Bremen!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with Dr. Enno Prigge

17 Sept 2020 - Do you want to stay up to date with MarDATA?

You are not a member of MarDATA (not yet), but would like to stay up to date with recent developments, MarDATA activities, events, calls, and future recruitments? Feel free to

15 Sept 2020 - MarDATA @ Helmholtz Virtual Data Science Career Day

On 23 September, HIDA will host the first Helmholtz Virtual Data Science Career Day.

MarDATA is happy to join HIDA in this online event and introduce the school and GEOMAR as a potential future employer to participants from all over the world.

Join us and register now!

24 April 2020 - Second Representative for MarDATA Doctoral Researchers in Bremerhaven/Bremen elected today!

Today, MarDATA Doctoral Researchers from Bremerhaven/Bremen elected their representative: 

Martin Prinzler will join the MarDATA Steering Board. Martin is working on "Machine Learning for Validation and Interpretation of Large-Scale Chemical Data in the Ocean“ at AWI and the University of Bremen. 

Together, Tia (the representative from Kiel) and Martin will have two votes for the Doctoral Reseachers in the Steering Board and join strategic decision on the future development of MarDATA.

Martin, weclome on board!! 

21 April 2020 - MarDATA goes online

Doctoral researchers at MarDATA are working on the interface between marine sciences and data/computer science. This requires to be familiar with state-of-the-art data science methods, but also to know the fundamental basics of marine sciences.

Since we had to cancel our 1st MarDATA Block Course „Introduction to Marine Sciences“ we have now initiated the
MarDATA Online Lecture Series“. Starting this Thursday, Doctoral researchers will have the chance to join marine scientists in weekly online lectures that cover various marine science disciplines.


Thu 23.04:  Physical Ocean (Arne Biastoch) 

Thu 30.04:  Climate Science (Gerrit Lohmann)

Thu 07.05:  Marine Chemistry (Boris Koch)

Thu 14.05:  Marine Geology (Jens Greinert) 

Wed (!): 20.05: Marine Biology (Thorsten Reusch)

Thu 28.05:  Bioinformatics (Tal Dagan)

Thu 04.06:  Marine Geophysics (Tanja Fromm. & Vera Schlindwein)

01 April 2020 - Update SARS-CoV-2 outbreak

The 1st Mar DATA Block Course „Introduction to Marine Sciences“ on Sylt had to be postponed due to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and the associated restrictionsWe are currently looking into alternative formats to provide MarDATA doctoral researchers an intro to marine sciences. 

In the meantime, we have established bi-weekly MarDATA Video conferences and additional communication channels to facilitate scientific exchange between doctoral researchers and supervisors and support all MarDATAs in home-office. 

In close cooperation with all partners and HIDA the MarDATA-Team is constantly working on alternative digital formats to secure the comprehensive support of all members of MarDATA.

Stay healthy!

18 Feb 2020 - 1st MarDATA Block Course "Introduction to Marine Sciences" (18.-21.03.2020)

End of March 2020, Doctoral Researchers, PIs, and supervisors of MarDATA are going to meet for the first MarDATA Block Course at the AWI's Wadden Sea Station on the beautiful island of Sylt. During this 3-day event, doctoral researchers will be introduced to various marine science disciplines. In addition, we will start discussing challenges, risks and benefits of Marine Data Science and becoming a Marine Data Scientist. Participants will have the opportunity to join a short cruise on MYA II to get a short introduction to marine data sampling and get their feet wet during a hike across the mud flats. 

We are looking forward to an exciting 3 days!

24 Jan 2020 - First Representative for MarDATA Doctoral Researchers in Kiel elected today

Today, MarDATA Doctoral Researchers from Kiel elected their representative: Maria-Theresia Verwega will join the MarDATA Steering Board. Together with one (still to be elected) representative from Bremen/Bremerhaven, Tia will have one vote in the Steering Board and join strategic decision on the future development of MarDATA.

Tia is working on "Development of adapted Kernel Density Estimators for the Calibration of marine biogeochemical models" at GEOMAR and the University of Kiel.

Tia, weclome on board!! 

07 Nov 2019 - Kick Off Event at Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

On 07 Nov, doctoral researchers of the 1st MarDATA cohort, supervisors, and friends of MarDATA came to Kiel to officially kick off the Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science. We were especially happy to also welcome a small delegation of members of the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy from Berlin. 

During the event doctoral researchers of the 1st MarDATA cohort briefly introduced their research projects, emphasizing the extensive portfolio of scientific disciplines within MarDATA. 

02 Sept 2019 - Welcome MarDATAs

Today, we welcome the first of 15 MarDATAs to Kiel and Bremen/Bremerhaven. Exciting times!