18 Feb 2020 - 1st MarDATA Block Course "Introduction to Marine Sciences" (18.-21.03.2020)

End of March 2020, Doctoral Researchers, PIs, and supervisors of MarDATA are going to meet for the first MarDATA Block Course at the AWI's Wadden Sea Station on the beautiful island of Sylt. During this 3-day event, doctoral researchers will be introduced to various marine science disciplines. In addition, we will start discussing challenges, risks and benefits of Marine Data Science and becoming a Marine Data Scientist. Participants will have the opportunity to join a short cruise on MYA II to get a short introduction to marine data sampling and get their feet wet during a hike across the mud flats. 

We are looking forward to an exciting 3 days!

24 Jan 2020 - First Representative for MarDATA Doctoral Researchers in Kiel elected today

Today, MarDATA Doctoral Researchers from Kiel elected their representative: Maria-Theresia Verwega will join the MarDATA Steering Board. Together with one (still to be elected) representative from Bremen/Bremerhaven, Tia will share one vote in the Steering Board and join strategic decision on the future development of MarDATA.

Tia, weclome on board!! 

07 Nov 2019 - Kick Off Event at Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

On 07 Nov, doctoral researchers of the 1st MarDATA cohort, supervisors, and friends of MarDATA came to Kiel to officially kick off the Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science. We were especially happy to also welcome a small delegation of members of the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy from Berlin. 

During the event doctoral researchers of the 1st MarDATA cohort briefly introduced their research projects, emphasizing the extensive portfolio of scientific disciplines within MarDATA. 

02 Sept 2019 - Welcome MarDATAs

Today, we welcome the first of 15 MarDATAs to Kiel and Bremen. Exciting times!