MarDATA Retreat 2023

From November 06 to 08, 2023, active MarDATA doctoral researchers, supervisors from all partner institutes and invited guests met at the Übersee Museum in Bremen for the MarDATA Retreat 2023.

As usual at MarDATA retreats, this meeting was used to share detailed information about the current status of the doctoral projects. 

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion "Interdisciplinary Research & Supervision at HIDSS" with invited doctoral student representatives from three other Helmholtz Information and Data Science Schools: DASHH, HEIBRiDS and HDS-Lee. This unprecedented meeting of doctoral researchers was used extensively to discuss the challenges and advantages of interdisciplinary doctoral research and supervision. 

The program was rounded off with a presentation by Anna-Lea Lesage from PlanBlue GmbH, Bremen. Anna-Lea presented PlanBlue's work to the participants and was also able to share her personal experiences as a data scientist in the industry.

In conclusion, everyone agreed that the personal meetings of all MarDATAs repeatedly demonstrate how much overlap there is between the projects, which may not be obvious at first glance.