Upcoming events and training

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08.+09.11.21:                    6th Data Science Symposium, Bremen 

16.11.21  10:00-12:00:      "Women in Data Science: Prof. Julia Schnabel“

18.11.21  15:00-17:00:       MOLS: "Marine Data Visualization: Ocean Data View" by Sebastian Mieruch (AWI)

23.-27.11.21:                      MarDATA Block Course, Sylt  (MarDATA only)

30.11.21:                            HIDA Annual Conference

09.12.21  13:00-15:00:      MOLS: "Introduction to Marine Chemistry" by Boris Koch (AWI)

20.01.22 15:30-17:00:       MOLS: "Altmetrics & Science 2.0" by Isabella Peters (CAU)

24.02.22 15:00-17:00        "Women in Data Science: Prof Robin Teigland"

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